How to Choose Lumber


It is a difficult job to choose the lumber for your project, and when you finally decide on the lumber, you will again have to decide on which size you will need and what dimensions you need to cut the wood. The following are some of the tips to help you choose the right lumber:

Have a plan:

We all know how it feels to go to the grocery store having an empty stomach. We tend to buy everything that is in the store, and everything seems to be good as we are hungry. The same thing can happen to you when you go to buy lumber without a plan. Depending on the item you want to build make a plan on what type of wood you will need and what are the dimensions of the object you are going to make. For example, if you are planning to make a bookshelf, write down the dimension you need and the type of wood you have in your mind. When you have a plan, you will stay focused and have a clear idea on which wood to buy.

Choose the type of wood:

Figure out what type of wood you will need for completing your project. If you are trying to build a house you know that you will need a stronger wood and some of the good choices are maple, oak etc. Pine and fir wood are quite rough, and you can use them for projects which will not require perfection. If your project has to do with fencing and decking you can try using cedar or redwood as these wood will be able to bear all the natural elements.


Measure your dimensions:

You always need to measure out the dimensions you need and based on that you can buy the wood. Most of the wood shops sell wood with a particular and based on your needs you can buy the lumber.

Check for the quality of the wood:

If you were working with wood for a while, you would know how to check for the quality of the wood. Before buying it from the lumber shop, you need to make sure that you check for any cracks and knots in the wood.

Sight the edges of the lumber:

You need to make sure that the wood you buy is rectangular. You cannot expect the lumber to be in a perfect rectangular shape, but you can at least make sure that they are close to that shape. To check if the lumber is in that shape, you need to rest one end of the wood on the floor and hold the other end at face level and look at the other of the wood. If the wood is straight without any curves, the lumber is good.